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United States
Icon by the wonderful :iconraionxdesu:


I started these while my tablet pen wasn't registering pressure from the pen, so overall they're a little shakier and messier than my gem adopts. So they'll be cheaper!

As always, you'll receive a transparent image of your adopt AFTER payment is received<3
Go crazy, I don't really care what you do with these guys as long as you love them lmao

1. Dead Rust
Owner: :iconmythologysalad:

2. Aggravated Posh Moss
Owner: :iconcaptainjabberwocky:

3. Albino Lilac
Owner: :iconhomestucktrash7234:

4. Casual Cobalt - 10pts
Owner: OPEN

5. Feral Lapis - 10pts
Owner: OPEN

6. Fancy Olive
Owner: :iconskaiapunk:

7. Partygirl Cinnabar - 10pts
Owner: :iconjellodetonator:

8. Secretary Sapphire
Owner: :iconhomestucktrash7234:

9. Subjugglator Dominatrix
Owner: :iconmythologysalad:

10. Nerdy Viridian
Owner: :iconpastel-sailor:

Base by :iconmeowtownpolice:
Hemospectrum as interpreted by :iconfir3h34rt:
Ota Spooky Aesthetic Adopts ( 5/7 Open)
My lovely husbando :iconskittleslove: has some really rad aesthetic adopts open!!! We've got a ton of base options, and if you reply here we're willing to take offers starting at 60 points - 30% off the price he has listed here:

1. Vanishing Act [Open]
2. Haunted forest [Open] (example design here!… )
3. Divination belongs to :iconmochizuki:
4. Seance [Open]
5. Sleepy Hollow [Open]
6. Tis the Season [Open]
7. Knife Party belongs to :iconkuhmehs:
20 Years Later
....and it's finally finished. This took foreeeeeever but I feel like it was worth it.
A comprehensive guise to all of the gems owned by myself and my partner :iconskittleslove:. I'll keep updating this as time goes on. These are organized by ship instead of in alphabetical order but whatever... Also it doesn't include fusions??? Except for Hiddenite and Azurmalachite but Azurmalachite is a forced fusion and I don't have component gems (yet) for Hiddenite. I will probably attempt to add fusions when I have more motivation???

Punk Pearl - design by me
Chrysocolla - design by me
Lavender Grey Pearl - design by me
Powder Pink Pearl - design by me
Citrine - design by me
Watermelon Tourmaline - design by me
Purple Tourmaline - design by :iconskittleslove:

Azurmalachite - adopted from :iconnitrover-north-ghost:
Citrine - adopted from :iconcherridynamite:
Dravite - design by me
Carnelian - adopted from :iconsunset-waters:
Ajoite - adopted from :iconlinkthedekuscrub:
Creedite - adopted from :iconlinkthedekuscrub:
Feldspar - adopted from :iconlinkthedekuscrub:
Iolite - design by me
Ammolite - designed by :iconsaltysi:
Spectrolite - designed by :iconsaltysi:

Artificial Grey Spinal - adopted from :icondeath2eden:
Fire Agate - adopted from :iconqueer-fullof-fear:
Diopside Grossular - custom from :iconnuttyandproud03:
Howlite - design by me
Chrysocolla - custom from :iconlinkthedekuscrub:
Riley (not actually a gem but he goes with Chrysocolla so w/e) - adopted from :iconsushiadopt:
Azurite - original design from :iconshinigami--apples:
Charoite - original design from :iconshinigami--apples:

Mookaite - adopted from :icondeath2eden:
Larimar - adopted from :iconmonstrousadopts:
Zircon - adopted from :iconcatherinecurse:
Beryl - adopted from :iconveggeh:
Sodalite - adopted from :iconforeststarlights:
Hiddenite - adopted from :iconkopops:
Shattuckite - adopted from :iconrainbowetic:
Rosewater Opal - adopted from :iconcupcakeformykitten:
Jet - adopted from :iconveggeh:
Agardite - adopted from :iconfrigginadoptables:

And the base is by :iconquasiii:
Moss the Corgi
:iconskittleslove: wanted a corgi sona since I tell him all the time that's what he reminds me of. Lmao just in time for 4/20 I guess?

Apparently I'm making myself a naked cat to go with so be on the lookout for that garbage???
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